Anouk en Route


My personal journey began in early childhood, even before I could walk. Born in 1979, and as the daughter of a member of the military, I regularly moved with our large family to new countries and regions.

Each move was an unforgettable experience during which I felt a range of emotions from refusal to acceptance, grief to joy, fear of the unknown to a sense of finding a better new.

With a degree in communication management under my belt and a thirst to live somewhere brimming with cultural and linguistic diversity, I headed to Brussels.

For 11 years, I worked as an Account manager in various sectors including interior design, telecommunications, and health, and for 7 years I served as coach, ensuring the well-being of a company sales team.

My loyal corporate clients, located throughout 12 different countries, contributed considerably to the development of my intercultural skills at that time.



In 2012, I continued my journey abroad as an expatriate spouse in the United States, later moving to Kenya and finally France. In Nairobi I began working at the United Nations as a tour guide, leading groups through the UN; I now continue this work in Geneva.

These experiences have allowed me to find my own path. Positive psychology and personal development have always fascinated me, but it was here in Geneva that I opt for a professional training in Coaching Relation Care ACTP. I find myself face to face with my vocation.

I obtained my international ACC certificate from the International Coaching Federation, ICF, and gained worldwide recognition as a professional coach.

What drives me today as a professional coach is a desire to serve others on an international scale, inspire change, and put my life experience and talents to good use.  

Diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural coaching, authentic leadership, change and transformation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and motivation are topics of particular interest to me.

On this journey of life, I have traveled far; I travel onward every day, and I will keep traveling further, hoping to meet you along the way.  En Route!

 Coaching & me

My work is also my passion. Through coaching, I weave together the best parts of myself:

  • My professional experience in Sales industry and at the United Nations enables me to work with confidence with a wide range of profiles, levels, ethics and cultures.


  • My interest in development and growth motivates me to continue to learn and to dig deeper because, after all, what is more fascinating than people? I use my strongest assets daily: my perseverance, adaptability, courage, sensitivity, positivity and creativity.

  • My life experience: As a mother of 4 young children, I inspire individuality and confidence: confidence in oneself, in others and in life.

  • My expat experience on 3 continents has been an extremely rich experience.
    As a coach, I have the privilege of helping others to grow and to continue growing myself thanks to the encounters with each individual who walks through my door.


The lotus flower and the elephant


Did you notice them in my logo?

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, the journey from a muddy seed to a radiant flower offers hope that something ordinary can turn into something beautiful. Hope that we, too, will eventually blossom.

The lotus flower represents perseverance and this hope, a reminder to always trust in the invisible path to the sun.

The white lotus flower, in particular, is a symbol of purity of spirit.


The elephant is my totem animal, according to Kiesha Crowther, (“Little Grandmother” and world-renowned shaman, writer, and spiritual teacher).

The elephant is a precious animal with many qualities. It symbolizes the harmony of the Earth’s energy. The elephant is dedicated and, from a universal perspective, represents power. It is a social animal and is therefore considered a symbol of loyalty and unity.


More about me


ICF Belgium Ambassador

ICF (International Coaching Federation) is a global nonprofit organization of professional business and career coaches. Today, it is the largest international association of coaches with more than 30,000 members in 132 countries. More than 23,000 members hold a certification in coaching. ICF sets standards and supports its members in the development of their careers. ICF is therefore, for prospective customers, a reputable source for finding a professional coach.

International Tour Guide at the United Nations

As an international tour guide, I have the honor of guiding groups and individuals from all over the world through the Palais des Nations in French, English and Dutch.  The Palais is the seat of the United Nations in Geneva and the second largest headquarter of the UN worldwide.