Coaching! Everyone is talking about it!

« If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.

If broken by an inside force, life begins.

Great things always begin from inside.»

Jim Kwik

What is Coaching?


Coaching helps you reach a goal that is important to you, whether in your professional or private life. It is a tool that allows you to move past whatever obstacle is keeping you stuck, leaving you demotivated, or negatively affecting you; it enables you to experience freedom, motivation and satisfaction in moving forward. 

Coaching is a process that takes place over several months, during which you will face challenges and resistance, learn to focus on your inner well-being, and recognize your values, strengths and deepest aspirations.

Coaching is a powerful tool that allows you to take on a new perspective. It brings out your untapped potential and abilities.It helps you find your energy (again).

Step by step, you will grow and discover how to reach your goal.  Alongside you on your journey, I guarantee customized and strictly confidential coaching. 

What is it not?


Coaching is NOT…

    • a therapypsychotherapy tends to focus on past events to improve the present, while coaching starts from the present to improve the future.
    • a quick fixthe success of the process is largely up to you and your willingness to make changes in your life and commit to the process.
      «Every journey begins with the first step. »
      Lao Tzu

    • advicea coach does not give you the answer to your problem. A coach helps you to find your own solutions and discover your hidden potential.

      «A bad experience is better than good advice. » Paul Valery

My personal approach


In my opinion, every event in life is an opportunity to evolve and gain awareness of one’s self.

I like the idea that everyone can fully experience their vitality and feelings without being limited by their inner inhibitions, such as routines, beliefs, perceptions, and fears.

Taking into account your goals and personal circumstances, I will help you find your own solutions and (re)become aware of your strengths.

I will do so mainly by using different types of questions (specific, stimulating, surprising, revealing) and a wide range of tools, which I will adapt to your needs.

My approach will allow you to harness your untapped potential and strengths, to see the future from a different angle, and to move forward.

Finally, coaching is a process in which you and I will work together to turn goals into action.

By working with me you will experience a professional approach to coaching in a warm environment.



The differente tools and methods used in coaching stem from :

  • positive psychology
  • appreciative inquiry
  • systemic coaching 
  • metaphorical thinking
  • intuitive intelligence
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Nonviolent communication (NVC)

I am a Certified Coach


My certification as  Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is recognized worldwide.

ICF stands for professionalism for companies and individuals who hire an ICF certified coach.

The coach guarantees you 

accredited professional coaching 

adherence to the ICF code of ethics

coaching that is up to date with the latest practices and techniques


in order to provide you with the best possible service.


How Coaching will benefit you?

The most common benefits are:


    • Confidence: in oneself and in life
    • Motivation: increased emotional and mental energy
    • Resilience
    • Creativity: increased satisfaction and drive to innovate
    • Inner peace and lightness of heart
    • Authentic leadership: development of one’s vision and presence
    • Awareness of one’s limits and resources: increased productivity and fruitful labor.

In short

 Coaching is a

    • Revealer of potential
    • Awakener of possibilities
    • Partner in growth
    • Motivation booster
    • Facilitator of change
    • Engine of positivity



“What is coaching ?”

By the International Coaching Federation