3 types of Coaching


I provide three types of coaching.

As a career coach, I can help you make a new start, complete a project, or progress in your career.

As a life coach, I can help you overcome the challenges you are facing in your personal life.

As an expatriate myself and specialized in intercultural coaching, I can help you and your family to transition during the expatriation process.

1. Career Coaching


In what context?

Job search

  • Career change or professionnel reorientation
  • Expatriation or preparation for a return
  • Promotion, new position within the company, or taking up a position 
  • Regaining confidence following a dismissal or burnout 
  • Preparation for annual interviews and evaluations
  • Relational difficulties
  • Preparation for a promotion, development of personal skills  (soft skills)
  • Stress management or professional over-investment
  • …  


Whatever the nature of your difficulties or questions in your professional sphere, I can help you to move forward, to ask yourself the right questions, and to find the answers to those questions.

In the midst of a professional transition, I felt totally blocked and could not make it happen. Thanks to Anouk, I feel a sense of peace. I make progress every day and am feeling good! 
Anouk is a wonderful coach. She is an incredible listener and kind-hearted and knows how to identify what will make us progress. She is non-judgmental: only our progress matters to her. Thank you Anouk for these 5 sessions that changed my life!”

Sophie, France

Dear Anouk, our coaching session was short but powerful! You gave me the insight and courage to take the plunge and bring my best to work. You helped me change my subjective, even negative, thoughts and wording in order to leave a strong impression during the interview. I will gladly call on you for coaching in the future!”

Veerle, Belgium

2. Life Coaching


Why might you choose coaching?

    • To prepare for a major change, retirement, divorce, parenthood, relocation,..
    • To gain self-confidence
    • To overcome inhibitions and fears
    • To increase inner drive
    • To find a better work-life balance, improve your general well-being
    • To recover from a traumatic event (loss of a job, divorce, grief…)
    •  To take a step back, see a complicated situation with clarity
    • To receive support from an attentive, non-biased, and caring individual
    • To better manage your time and priorities
    • To find joy in yourself
    • To manage your emotions
    • To improve your communication skills

Coaching does not always have to be about life-defining issues. Do you find it difficult to discuss certain topics with your loved ones or with certain individuals?

Do you need an objective listener who will give you truthful feedback without judgement?

How about someone who can help you on your journey to discover new paths?

Through a wide range of questions, challenges, exercises and appropriate support, you will realize you have the ability to become motivated and take action.

Coaching is a powerful tool which you can use to increase your confidence!

Just a word: THANK YOU. I must admit that I was very lucky to have met you, Anouk. You arrived at a key moment in my life. You took the time to listen to me, to understand me, and even more to support me in a very difficult period of my life when I was lost. Thanks to your personalized sessions, I was able to focus again on my goals and on what I really wanted. I realized I had untapped potential.To top it all off, I got a job; it was so unexpected. You gave me back my self-confidence. 
All our sessions were extremely rich and without realizing it, I believed more and more in myself, and this thanks to you! Thank you again. You have all my gratitude.I hope to keep you in my life.

Valérie, Belgium

3. Expatriate Coaching


I can give you the support you need if you are in the process of expatriation or inpatriation.  Expatriation requires sacrifice but also has its benefits; it means adjusting and reinventing yourself.

Expatriate coaching centers around the specific challenges related to a move for all parties involved, during the departure phase, the expatriation period, and upon return. It helps you adapt to your new work environment and to identify and address cultural, family, social and personal challenges. For the

Employee : Expatriate coaching is an opportunity to develop authentic leadership and to support and guide career development by leveraging the expatriate experience.

Employee’s Spouse: Expatriate coaching provides real support during the stay abroad. It allows you to establish new routines, to facilitate change, to deal with cultural differences, to give more meaning to your new life, to define or accomplish a project, and to find a new balance.

My personal expat experience 

Three continents, endless relocations and unforgettable adventures: what a journey!

Anouk is a mixture of kindness, empathy and determination. She will accompany you on your personal journey by engaging in open dialogue, fueled by her insightful questioning and coaching tools. You will feel you are in good hands thanks to her attentive listening, desire to adapt to you and your rhythm, and her good humor. Thank you for your work, Anouk.”

Virginie, expat

I am a Certified Coach


My certification as  Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is recognized worldwide.

ICF stands for professionalism for companies and individuals who hire an ICF certified coach.

The coach guarantees you 

accredited professional coaching 

adherence to the ICF code of ethics

coaching that is up to date with the latest practices and techniques


in order to provide you with the best possible service.


The DISC Assessment

Self-awareness is essential to success. If you understand what drives your actions and behaviors, it’s easier to cultivate positive growth. As you discover what inspires you, you’ll identify what may hold you back from success.
When you take the DISC assessment, you will learn how to leverage the various aspects of your personality for a life of achievement that aligns with your personal values. Who is an ideal candidate for the DISC test? The DISC personality test is for anyone who wants to :

  • gain insight into themselves
  • develop  leadership skills
  • gain in efficiency
  • manage conflicts
  • optimize communication

Would you like to take your test and receive your behavioral report with your talents, contact me. I’m a a certified DISC coach with Assessments 24 x 7.

Solidarity Coaching


Solidarity coaching is aimed at associations and non-governmental organizations as well as men and women

acting in humanitarian missions,

experiencing financial difficulties and
facing long-term illness or discrimination.

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