There are 4 different ways in which we can meet up for a session, and you can individualize each session to match the option that works for you at any given point.

I’d recommend that you make your appointments in my office whenever possible. You will appreciate the positive impact of your visit.

At my office ‘Passiflore’



The spacious Passiflore Center, with abundant natural lighting, is a true oasis of serenity.

The Center is located in Grand-Pré, near many of the city’s international organizations, on Geneva’s right bank. It is a 10-minute walk from the Place des Nations and 20 minutes from the Cornavin train station. 

The beautiful wooden cabin inside serves as a peaceful and inspirational setting.

The Center also provides direct access to the magnificent Trembley Park, which begins right outside the door. The park’s wide sloping lawns and majestic trees make it a popular place to relax. Your coaching sessions can take place on a bench under an oak tree or on a walk along the park’s beautiful paths.


This corner of the health center is shared by a team of 5 professionals.  In addition to me (the coach), there is an acupuncturist, a naturopath, a shiatsu and a reiki practitioner.  We take turns using this space to ensure confidentiality and tranquility. We take care of your well-being and your health.

The team at the office

Katia Walther

Naturopathy, Foot reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic abhyanga massages

Cristel Moretto

Acupuncture, Lymphatic drainage, Pediatric massage

Natasha Duverney

Naturopathy, Micronutrition, Nutrition and lifestyle workshops

Margarita Menéndez- Fernández

Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, IOKAI Shiatsu practitioner, Moxibustion

Walk & Talk (coaching while walking)


We can meet in a park, a forest, by the lake or in another quiet place for our Walk & Talk. This session consists of a mix of walking, stopping, and sitting.

Physical movement has a positive effect on your brain and creativity.

Through video conferencing


Online coaching is a common and effective coaching option that allows us to work together at a distance.

You can always opt for alternating between virtual and face-to-face coaching, depending upon your availability. The preferred platform for virtual sessions is Zoom.

On site


We can meet at a mutually agreed upon location, such as your workplace or home, if they are located in the vicinity.


Our first meeting

This first session is free and does not require a commitment on your part. Coaching begins with an initial meeting to discuss your expectations and desired outcome. This meeting requires transparency and openness, which lay the foundation for our future sessions together.

The duration and cost of the coaching are established at this meeting.

The coaching sessions

Sessions will be arranged according to your needs and availability, ideally every two weeks.

Coaching typically consists of four to twelve entirely confidential 1 to 1.5 hour sessions.  These one-on-one sessions will be your safe space and can take place sitting face-to-face, on a walk, or by video-conference. In these sessions you will move step by step toward reaching your goal, outlined at our initial session. Throughout the process, I will monitor your progress toward your goal.

I will use tools to help you accomplish change, while being attentive to your progress and your feelings. Through questioning and encouraging introspection, I help create a safe space.

My approach will help you discover your strengths, values, ways of thinking, and limitations. These in-depth reflections will empower you to make choices and develop an action plan. To reach your goal, you will need to work hard and use your external and internal resources; I will help you to discern what these are. 

Our discussions are confidential and the methods of intervention used meet the ICF code of ethics.

The final coaching session

A debriefing session will be conducted to take a step back and learn as much as possible about the process and the energy you have invested. This wrap-up meeting is fundamental because it allows you to see how you have changed, progressed, and become more aware of yourself through the process.


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